Home Sellers Survey in Chesterfield

Home Sellers Survey Chesterfield - building surveyors

If you want the least hassle during your property sale then spell out all the warts on your property to all the prospective buyers before they make an offer. This seller had a full survey so that no one made an offer without knowing all the faults. Its a bit like ebay, you must point out the defects to get an offer that won’t be disputed at a later date. In this case the seller still got their desired asking price and not a whiff of last minute bartering. Fantastic quick and easy sale.

You may say I don’t want to pay for a survey, but its a necessary part of showing the buyer what they are getting without the buyer having to fork out for a survey and then not liking what they have discovered often too late in the process. Best thing to do is factor it into the selling price and offer it for free! Theirs one thing for sure its a few hundred pounds well spent and may save you thousands.

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