Japanese Knotweed found in Derby

Japanese Knotweed

The client is aware they have knotweed near their property. It has stayed pretty much contained though spreading minimally over the years, notably some of the rhizomes emerging were emerging through tarmac paths. It has been their for several years and despite some efforts to remove it reappeared quickly. It is now being treated properly by experts.

“Experience confirmed early suspicions that seven metres was a conservative measure of the distance that might be affected by the growth of Japanese knotweed. Also, valuers and surveyors never encountered properties where Japanese knotweed had actually caused damage to substantial structures, even when growing in close proximity. Although Japanese knotweed is undoubtedly capable of causing damage to garden walls and lightweight structures such as conservatories, this begged the question: if it was not damaging residential buildings, what risk was the assessment process attempting to mitigate?” 

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